Monday, October 31, 2016

Prayer Request

At my core, I'm just a simple heathen. I worship the sun and the earth. I am their daughter.

I am a heathen in the broadest sense of the word (So, What IS a Heathen, Exactly?). Heath-en. Heath-in. In the heath. The open country. The wild land. I live IN, I worship IN, I love IN the heath, the open country, the wild land. This land that I live upon. North America, United States. Where are my representatives of this land that I love?

Chase Iron Eyes, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck in the election.

What happened Thursday October 27, 2016 is still breaking my heart. I am a mixed blood. I adore all of my ancestors - the white, the black, and every shade of brown in between. The actions of North Dakota government officials and employees, as well as the private corporations involved in this pipeline, are unacceptable to me.

And it's that time of year. Vetrablot. Samhain. Halloween. The time of the ancestors for much of the Northern Hemisphere.

Given the current situation in North Dakota, I'm doing something I don't normally do. I'm inviting all y'all - Heathen or otherwise - to participate in a rite with me. Oh, it's gonna go down the way us solitary introverts like - separately and individually in our own homes - but if you want to contribute, feel free to join your prayers with mine. I want to combine our power and give it to this land that I -we- love so that when the Native people draw upon this land for power, our energy combines with theirs to defend this land that I -we- love. (Water protectors, I'm looking at you).

The Nazis - and their neo-offshoots - have stolen the Futhark and turned the ancient runes into symbols of hate and white supremacy. Cultural appropriation at its finest. Those sonzabitches can all go fuck themselves.

This is a longstanding Christian attack on European paganism (Christianization of Scandanavia, Inquisitions and Witch-trialsCrusades), an attempt to deter people from ever learning the true meanings of the Runes (meanwhile, the Runes allowed the Norse to be remembered, just as the Ogham helped Celts - the writing can't be erased as easily as spoken words can be forgotten). What's been/being done to Native Americans has been done before. Eurocentricism stems from Christiancentricism. Europe was invaded and conquered by a Middle Eastern culture. Christians conquered Europe and they brought their war with Islam. Then, they turned their attention to the Americas. If you want to know the next steps in their grand plan to rule the world, then study what they have already done - to the Norse, the Celts, the Sami, the Mansi, or any of the extinct European tribes. This has happened before. It is happening again, this time to the people who lived in the Americas prior to the coming of Europeans. And it's not okay.

I'm not saying all Christians engage in this; there are Christians out there who will acknowledge what's happening and I love yall Christian Witches. Fuck the people who say you can't exist, that you're a contradiction. I acknowledge you. I'm thankful for all the Progressives out there trying to bring a change to the Christian religion (May the Force be with you).

But colonization started with Christianity. I think it's safe to say that greed and the drive for power has moved away from Christianity. It's become government policy and our government is supposed to be religion-free. It isn't, but it's supposed to be.

And ignorance is the biggest tool used to promote the removal of the natives of this land. So the ignorance has to end. I'm tired of that shit. I wanna play a different game. I'm tired of tax-money being used to print anecdotal history in public school textbooks. That's how you keep problems from being solved. It's like a morning glory plant you want to remove from the garden. Tackling falsehoods is like pulling on the viney branches instead of the main stem. You'll never get to the roots that way. You'll never reach real solutions.

I want mediation and reform - first and foremost, with the Native peoples of this land that I love. And we can't do that while pushing a false history of our country. But that's some history you will need to research on your own because I can't give it to you in one dose. It's 2000-years worth of homework (and I suggest skipping biased Christian sources and going straight for scientific research).

Most folks don't realize that 75% of heathenism is study. Hell, this is also true of witchcraft (derived from the old Norse word wicce -pronounced witch-uh- meaning, wise council).

So take a moment to acquaint yourself with the Elder Futhark and the Younger Futhark. Check out The Asatru Alliance and Heathens United Against Racism.

Odal / Othala 
(oh-thall / oh-thall-ah) 

The ancestor rune, representing heritage, inheritance, and home/homelands.

This is the traditional shape.

But I often use this shape because of the white supremacist thieves. Especially when I work with Earth-Mama (look, it's a uterus and ovaries). 

Since August, I have been drawing this rune about the edges of my home-circle, using my fingers to draw upon Earth-Mama's flesh, marking the four directions, burning sacred herbs, and pouring out libations to the ancestors. I call upon ALL the ancestors - mine, the one-hundred million natives people murdered by colonization, the millions of colonists who've came and died upon this land - ALL the ancestors of this soil, this land that I hold dear, to influence ALL of the people on this land that I love. We need to remember the past and I beg of the ancestors, help us remember and help us learn how to heal. 

And if this resonates with you, please, join me. Put your prayers into the earth and let us learn to love each other. All of our children deserve better futures.  

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