Friday, October 28, 2016

America attacked Americans yesterday...

...and no one is calling it what it is. North Dakota government attacked unarmed American citizens standing in prayer yesterday and the federal government has yet to respond so I'm assuming they are compliant with North Dakota government. This is what corporate terrorism looks like.

Obama has consistently refused to step in; I guess he doesn't want to do much work these 100 last days in office. I had hoped he would replace Abe Lincoln in the hearts of many - my Grandpa always said that Abe was good for the black man but not the native. Guess Obama's going to follow in ol' Abe's footsteps. (My Gramps was referring to the hanging of the Dakota 38 during the Dakota Wars of 1862).

MCPD blocked signal yesterday so that water protectors couldn't livevideo the events but the videos still made it out (please, please go watch them). We saw an American government attacking American people with no regard for the actual law. And yes, I can prove that last statement. Yesterday, DAPL continued to dig up a sacred site in violation of workers safety code right in front of the police and the police did nothing to them for it (you can see them working in the background of the circulating videos). Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier wants to tell us that he's there for the good of the people but we see what you're doing. We see you picking which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. We see you Kirchmeier and you are a piece of shit. Cops like you are why cops are called pigs. Although, I think it's insulting to the pig to be compared to men like you. Pigs have never and would never do this to people.

Here's a "snippet" of what was done, courtesy of Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network:

And here is Standing Rock Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault's official statement: Standing Rock Chairman Releases Statement on Removal from Land Near Cannon Ball.

Morton County PD has been caught in a lot of lies lately (I'm not linking to their facebook page because, frankly, the tiny-dicked bastards disgust me so I'm leaving y'all to look them up for yourselves). They were claiming that protesters had bows and arrows last weekend like modern day people are stupid enough to believe that Natives are still running around in deerskins with bows and arrows....hello, we left the 19th century a long time ago. Many of us live side by side with Natives. We see them. We see their videos. Some of us ain't that fucking stupid. I want your entire office investigated and tried for fraudulent use of taxes, assault and battery, First, Fourth, and Eighth Amendment violations, and perjury.

Yesterday, MCPD put out facebook posts that they arrested water protectors with guns. But then, this happened: BIA Takes Man in Custody Following Race Through Ditch.

This is the pipeline worker caught by tribal police.

Given that the water protectors have been unarmed since April, I suspect that everyone arrested yesterday with a gun was actually a DAPL worker planted to make the crowd look violent so that DAPL and Morton County PD could "justify" their use of violence yesterday. (They like violence and have been caught engaging in torture and the Department of Justice has done nothing about it yet).

I want a thorough investigation as to the backgrounds of the folks arrested with guns yesterday (I'll get that from the water protectors faster than I will the pigs working at MCPD). I suspect that those arrested will all be tied to the ProDAPL movement as they, and MCPD, have consistently been the ones to bring arms to a prayer group. This pipeline worker arrested by the BIA shows that DAPL will do whatever they have to so they can get their way. And MCPD is more than willing to assist the rich corporate terrorists fucking over all taxpayers.

And as for these business men would have invested in alternate energy research back in the 60s, when all the info about climate change came in. They would've spread their money out, sinking it into multiple avenues. A smart business man would have wanted to be the first to offer new technology using new alternate fuel resources so they would've put some money into those areas. It's just not smart business to pool all your resources into one resource. But these assholes threw everything they had at coal, gas, and oil and at halting evolving technology. That's not smart business. Period. And it's not good for the advancement of society. Stop treating them like they are business gurus. They aren't. If they were smart business men, they'd be putting new technologies on the market. Where are those technologies? Not coming from coal, gas, and oil, that's for sure. These are also the same people who thought putting pipelines in water was brilliant. News flash, the American people want this cleaned up BEFORE a spill happens - and we shouldn't have to pay for it; it's the private corporation's responsibility to clean up after themselves so STOP USING MY TAXMONEY TO BAIL OUT RICH FUCKING ASSHOLES.

Look at this shit: First-Ever Footage of Aging Tar Sands Pipelines Beneath Great Lakes

It makes me sick to my stomach.

I don't care what color your skin in, where you are from, or how much money you make. The first lesson your womenfolk teach you when you are a kid is to pick up after yourself. And it's time these corporations be punished for not doing so.

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