Monday, September 12, 2016

Temporary Vacation

Sinus infections. I can't seem to kick the one I've got. Feels like I've been hit in the face with a sledgehammer.

That's partly why I haven't been around. I'm also working hard outside. I'm putting in two sets of garden steps (I'm concreting the tops today/tomorrow/probably the next day because I can't seem to get any project done in the time the projects claim to take), putting in a walkway, and filling low spots in my yard (i.e., shoveling a lot of dirt). I put in a new flower bed for five rhododendrons and added two Black Diamond Crapemyrtles to my yard (the plants look closer than they actually are - there's over ten feet between the new trees and house. That wild plants at the corner of the house will be cut out soon).

Black Diamond Crapemyrtles
before deadheading

I don't have photos of everything yet, more will come later (after the projects are completed).


I planted my Chaucer Roses in the spring and they have done well. I'm in love with these guys. The smell is divine! I've been deadheading and they keep putting out new buds.

I'm so pleased with how they've done that I ordered more roses - the next project is a privacy fence between the house and garage, to block off the side yard we use most from road traffic. I'm planting Rosa Lady Ashe along the fence and shade-tolerant Rosa Eden along the back of the garage. I hope they do as well as the Chaucers.

But I'm not just gardening. I've been sewing, mostly items I need for the fur-babies.
hand-stitched pet blanket
Don't worry - I haven't just been handstitching but also using my machine (I need a new one and have no idea what to buy - too many options). It had been a while since I handstitched and it's easy enough to do while relaxing on the porch in the evenings.

So, this is where I'm at right now. I will be back with reviews soon; I'm just trying to get healthy enough again to do it without underlying negative thoughts clouding my judgments.

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