Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I don't have a review today; my husband has expanded my garden so I've been gardening and not reading (hoping that the sun and work will help me fix my sleep schedule and maybe ease the blue mood I can't seem to shake. Keep fingers crossed). I may or may not have a review for you later this week.

DAPL. The Dakota Access Pipeline has been in the news recently and I have been following the situation. I stand with Standing Rock. No DAPL. RezPectOurWater!

This pipeline screws everyone. Our country needs to be investing in alternate energy sources for the future. This pipeline prolongs the inevitable changes we need to make for ALL of our children. Especially with articles like this, We've Already Used Up Earth's Resources For 2016 - And It's Only August, making headlines. What happened to our agreement to reduce climate change at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference? How is this pipeline helping us with that goal?

Standing Rock will be the first screwed when this pipeline ruptures but everyone downstream -every tributary- of the Missouri River will eventually have to deal with the problem of poisoned water. So, please, take a minute to sign this petition to the White House: Stop Construction.

One of my favorite images to arise from this conflict was shared by Pharrell Williams on his facebook page.

We have so much we can learn from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other Native American tribes. The children of Standing Rock ran 2,200 miles on foot to Washington, DC to save their sacred land from the oil industry. Let's help protect them so they can continue to live in peace #rezpectourwater

I don't know the name of the boy in this photo but he is so handsome in his regalia! These kids... running 2,200 miles to D.C....mind blown! What amazing children! Y'all are my heroes. Much love to you! 

I've poured out libations and sent up smoke to my ancestors, praying for them to lend whatever spiritual support they can to all the water protectors at Standing Rock and Red Warrior Camps. I am very fond of science but, sometimes, it's the thought that counts and I'd like those on the front lines to know they aren't alone. Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.
Arrrr, sometimes I'm a Viking
Yup, that's ale and honey and rose petals and a mix of smudging herbs for my ancestors
at my eastern altar on the creek behind my house

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