Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Floppy's Biopsy

Ms. Floppy,
the stealer of warm spots in bed
No review again today. I feel zapped of all energy but I may have a review Thursday; I'm very close to finishing one of the books I'm reading (I'm beyond the 75% mark).

Floppy recently had surgery and the biopsy results are back. The strange lump on her breast was malignant but the vet feels confident that all of it was removed because we caught it early. Her stitches come out next week; she's surprised us by being very patient and not licking or scratching at the stitches/scar. Hope her attitude remains that way, she is an affable cat, and I don't want to put a neck-cone on her.

We'll keep an eye on her and the vet will check-up in six-months. I've administered breast-exams to the rest of Nettie's get, much to their annoyance.

My garden is producing and I'm enjoying fried green tomatoes (on the menu for dinner tonight). I grow Organic Super Sioux tomatoes - they are my favorite tomatoes for frying green. I've grown them for a couple years now and have yet to eat one ripe because I always fry them before they ripen (battered in a mix of two parts all-purpose flour to one part corn meal, heavily peppered, and fried in butter-flavored crisco. Salt when pulled from oil. I use the same recipe for frying summer squashes). I only did a couple plants this year and I have two tomatoes left on the vine; I will miss these guys when they are gone. Fried green tomatoes (and squash) are one of the things I love most about summer.

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