Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Floppy had surgery yesterday, to remove a strange lump from one of her breasts.

Vet said the lump wasn't attached, which is supposed to be a good sign, but she took the entire nipple off anyway, just to be safe. Lab results will be back next week; the stitches come out the week after.

Floppy seems to be okay, she's sleeping it off. She's had no loss of appetite and moves around fine, when she's up and moving around. She's commandeered Merry's favorite spot in the back of my closet so she's hiding while she sleeps but she's social and friendly when she ventures out. She's one of the worst cats in the house to give meds (Rosalie is the other) but she took her medicine easily enough this morning (I surprised her with the meds when she was begging for her morning meal - tonight might not go down so well).

Floppy will be 16-years old in November, another one of Nettie's gets, but I think she thought of Covey as Mama. Covey's been gone six-years now but Floppy still mommy-meows, looking for her Covey-buttons to cuddle with before deciding she'll just have to settle with Pippin (and, thankfully, he is good-natured about it).

The stress hasn't helped our house, we're still reeling from the loss of Nettie and Precious.

Stanley and Ronnie were both displeased with Floppy's absence yesterday. Ronnie picked up one of Floppy's toys (a teddy bear that Floppy stole from the dogs) and dragged it around the house while she meowed loudly (Ronnie never does this so I'm assuming she was looking for her sister; the behavior stopped when Floppy came back home). Stanley refused to leave the kitchen and he was one of the first to greet Floppy when she climbed out of the pet carrier.

Flops and Ron usually sleep like this
for their morning naps
The stress hasn't helped my depression but there wasn't much I could do about it except distract myself by cleaning the house. I'm still not reading much and haven't finished any of the books I'm supposed to review; it seems like I'm going to bed with a migraine every evening and I'm not sleeping well, which sets me up for another migraine the next day. I need to get back into my exercise routine (it helps with sleep; I can almost always count on a sleepy spell about five hours after I exercise, which is one reason I exercise in the late afternoons instead of in the morning, like many people. Plus, I do the bulk of my reading while I'm on the exercise bike so not having it is cutting into my reading time). But when exercise time rolls around, I'm prodroming with nausea, heat sensitivity, and sparkly lights. I have sleep meds but haven't been using them; I think I'm going to have to try for a week or so, at least until I can get my schedule wrangled back into its usual shape. I hate being reliant on medicine but I just don't know how else to do it, because nothing else has worked. Regular sleep might help my over-all mood too, so that's what I'm focusing on this week. I know I've been promising a return to my usual schedule...

I'm trying. That's all I can really promise.

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