Friday, July 29, 2016

Third tarot reading

Third, and last, card-reading for the week. Lately, I don't seem capable of sticking to goals so it was nice to complete this one, small as it was.

I'm using The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, a deck I use to help direct me in my goddess-studies and meditations but one that doesn't speak to me in regards to divination. I'm hoping my new decks arrive soon.

This reading is for the City Council of Parkersburg, WV. Feel free to reach out and tell your thoughts about this unconstitutional law to the City Council of Parkersburg.

The first card is today's message, a sum of the other cards.

III. Fertility: Estsanatlehi
This benevolent Navajo corn spirit symbolizes the ever-changing, ever-fertile earth. Like the earth itself, Estsanatlehi appears as a young maiden for the spring and summer months; as the wheel of the year changes to fall and winter, she changes in age to a crone. 
Meanings: Feelings of fertility and abundance. A new relationships which celebrates one's growth as a woman. Creativity. A pregnancy. 
Reversed: Time to look at where your life needs fertilizing. Deprivation or sterility. 

The Past, or foundation of the matter being considered. 
Four of Staves 
Four staves are tied together by generous garlands of flowers; they suggest the stable foundation of a home.  
Meanings: Stability of ventures. A new home. Accomplishing goals. Satisfaction. Putting down roots.  
Reversed: The desire to put down roots, but elusiveness in doing so. Wanting stability. Frustrations at home. 

The Present, or the way things stand now.
Nine of Swords
Nightmares torment the woman, leaving her no rest. These dreams are bringing up nagging worries that need to be examined and understood.  
Meanings: Insomnia. Worries that keep one awake. An issue that needs to be looked at more closely; only then will it be transformed. A nagging anxiety.  
Reversed: The gradual fading away of these worries. Understanding. Someone close who is suffering from depression, anxiety, or illness. 

The Future, or possibilities that may arise if the present path continues as is.
Ten of Swords 
Ten swords are interwoven against a cloudy gray sky symbolizing the ability to transform difficult situations into wisdom and action.  
Meanings: The perfection of understanding. Wisdom gained after struggle. The ending of a difficult situation.  
Reversed: More needs to be considered before complete understanding can be hained. Overwhelmed by too much information - things need to be prioritized. 

I will not respond to messages/comments asking for private readings so please don't send them. I deal with chronic illness; I simply don't have the energy to do so. I'm sorry, I wish the situation was different.

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