Friday, July 8, 2016

My heart is achin'

I intended a review today but... 

Others are sharing and discussing the painful events of the past couple days (black lives matter) so I'm not going into detail. You can find that info elsewhere. My heart hurts, my head aches, and the world feels like a heavy place right now. 

I'm a half-breed brat of half-breed brats - I'm eclectic because my people are eclectic. Along my way through this life, the old stories and myths got worked around history and science. I only know what I know and I know it ain't much. I work with what I've got.    

Kali, She of a thousand and eight names, has always piqued my interest. She Who is Beyond Time. She Who Consumes In Order to Give Birth. She Whose Skin Stretches Between the Stars. Her sacred number is zero - neither positive nor negative, but the number of balance. To erase a negative, you must add a positive (and vice versa). 

I'm trying to practice some balance today. I've had my eyes on One Spirit since last Yule (native lives matter). With the house remodeling, the rearranging of house, and my medication-induced thyroid issues... I knew I'd have an opportunity to go through my clothes. I kept putting it off - because elsewhere in the multiverse, I am out-raced by slugs - but I've had the Okini Program on my mind for awhile now. Recent events encourage me to mark off that task from my to-do list. I'm hoping I can erase some negative shit in our atmosphere. 

And it would be lovely if I wasn't alone so I'd like to encourage everyone to take a minute to do something nice over the next couple days. Just one small act of kindness to off-set the negativity pervading the news and social media. Black, white, brown, yellow, red, dyed blue, painted rainbow, whatever color you consider yourself to be. Help. Do something friendly. Do a chore for a family member. Feed an elder. Check on a neighbor. Pay for the person behind you in the fast food lane. Donate time and energy or money to an organization you feel strongly about. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to get media attention. It just has to be positive. Yes, all lives matter - that means everyone, no exceptions. 

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