Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Midweek Reading

Because I missed Sunday's Bibliomancy, and because I'm barely reading due to chronic migraines and sleep issues, I'm punishing myself with three card readings this week.

In reality, a good tarot reading is more like a counseling session that helps you step out of the box you've placed yourself in. The cards are just "doors" that open different perspectives on the current situation so that one may contemplate other courses of action (for the future). Those kinds of readings are in-depth and require the involvement of both parties - the card reader and the person the reading is for. Since Parkersburg's City Council is not welcome at my home (and it's illegal for me to preform divination at a council meeting), I need a spread that accommodates this particular situation. In person, I usually use the Star or the Sun spreads but they can go on and on and on...  I'm sticking with a simple spread, the past-present-future-spread, because it's generally easy for anyone to interpret.

Again, I'm using The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr, a deck I use to help direct me in my goddess-studies and meditations. This isn't a deck that speaks to me for divination. I promised to dig out my other decks but I have a lot of totes in storage but, instead, I wound up ordering a couple of new decks that I've had my eyes on. The City Council of Parkersburg, WV just gave me a reason to order them.

As usual, this reading is for the City Council of Parkersburg, WV. Feel free to reach out and tell your thoughts about this unconstitutional law to the City Council of Parkersburg.

The first card is today's message, a sum of the other cards.

XIX. The Sun: The Zorya
In Russian mythology, the three Zorya are goddess-attendants to the sun god. As well as bringing warmth and light to the world, the sun represents the brightness of intellect, creativity, and fertility.  
Meanings: An expansive. life-affirming energy. Creativity. Relationships with children. Fertility. Love. Masculine, or yang, energy. 
Reversed: Unwillingness to accept affection. Blocked creativity. Problems with expanding to the next phase of a project. Feeling thwarted. 

The Past, or foundation of the matter being considered.
XVII. The Star: Inanna
Clothed with the stars, Inanna, the great goddess of the Bronze Age, was honored with the title 'Queen of Heaven.' 
Meanings: Follow your dreams without fear - don't be afraid to make them happen! Success, good fortune, creativity.  
Reversed: Not following your bliss. Insecurity. Feelings of unworthiness. 

The Present, or the way things stand now.
Four of Swords
The woman rests in recuperation. Four swords are suspended above her, protecting her from the outside world.  
Meanings: Need for introspection and healing. Recuperation from illness. Time to take a break from stressful situation.  
Reversed: Enforced isolation. Loneliness. More recovery time needed. 

The Future, or possibilities that may arise if the present path continues as is. 
XIV. Balance: Yemana
Yemana, the Santeria goddess of the ocean, is often called upon to provide rain: water that brings forth life and nurtures the earth, like the waters of the womb. She symbolizes the divine balance between heaven and earth.  
Meanings: Experiencing or seeking a deep sense of harmony and union. Integration. Moderation. Balance between the spiritual (symbolized by water) and the physical (symbolized by earth or sand). 
Reversed: Imbalance. Inability to find peace within or with others. Lack of moderation. 

I will not respond to messages/comments asking for private readings so please don't send them. I deal with chronic illness; I simply don't have the energy to do so. I'm sorry, I wish the situation was different.

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