Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th, 2016

So. My grandpa has been dead for twenty-three years today. And now my grandma has passed away too. 

That's always the first thing I think about when I wake up on the Fourth of July.

Pawpaw and Mawmaw
I've told people before, I've been an ale-drinker since I was knee-high to my granny and she was a short woman. This is her. I get my loves of beer and color from her. The Summer of Liquid Sunshine are some of my earliest memories. That was the year we started our tradition, every year we picked a new favorite color (and I used to dye my hair to match). I was two, going on three, and a male relative attempted to brew ginger beer. It turned out hotter than hellfire and no one would drink it until Granny mixed 1 part beer to 2 parts orange juice and called it Liquid Sunshine. We drank the whole brew that summer - granny, her sisters and cousins and grand-daughters, and nobody would brew us any more, lol.

This is the only photo I have of my dad's parents. My mom's family left more photos.

Pawpaw Blaine hated that photo - he hated his teeth and always wished the family could've afforded to fix them when he was young but this is how I remember him. He passed down his bibliophilia to me. I miss reading with this man.

Pawpaw when he was younger,
with one of his sisters.
He was having his pants hemmed when he was dragged away for a photo-op :) 
His wife, my granny Dolly, died before I was old enough to form memories of her.

She left me the sweetheart ring that Pawpaw gave her. Her daddy helped Pawpaw buy it, so it's a connection I have to great-grandpa too.
I've always wished I had inherited his hair.

This is just a day of heart ache for me, my own personal day of the dead. Has been, since 1993.

Precious and her camouflage-sheets

Princess Nettie
So. I've been trying to distract myself.

Some people celebrate today. Some folks don't. Here's an interesting article written by Mark Charles, published at NativeNewsOnline:
Extra food for thought: did y'all know that Native Americans couldn't own land in the state of WV until 1994?

Here's an older but equally interesting article published in the Charleston Gazette:
Time to recognize W.Va. Native Americans
Still fucking applicable.

Deep breath... and release...

Y'all have heard about the flooding, I'm sure. This article from USA Today is a couple days old:
A week after historic floods, West Virginia faces new reality
It's still raining. I'm still feeling my winter funk. The weather might be warm but I ain't had near enough sunlight, not enough for my liking, and New Mexico keeps looking nicer and nicer (Arizona, I've eyeballed you too but my husband absolutely refuses to accept your summertime conditions...le sigh).

Here's yesterday's article from WV MetroNews:
Heavy rain for Independence Day could possibly add to flood woes in West Virginia
My house has been safe but others have not been so fortunate. I am praying, as we all are, in this time of need.
Earth-Mama, I see your tears, I acknowledge that we've done you a great wrong. Please forgive us, your children who are still learning. We have never forgotten you. Please, great mother, mercy. 
Deep breath... and release...

Parkersburg, WV made news at the Wild Hunt this weekend and not in a good way:
Tarot Reader Pushes for Repeal of Anti-Divination Law
I want Christians out of my government and I want it sixty-two years ago (TAX THE CHURCH).

Parkersburg, stop fucking embarrassing me with unconstitutional bullshit. Not only should this woman be allowed to ply her craft, but she ought to be allowed to double-dip like them freeloading Christians do.

Deep breath... and release...

So. As implied, my mood isn't the greatest today and my attempt to distract myself with the news hasn't helped.


My tough little boy, Gary Allen

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