Friday, June 24, 2016

New Bedroom

I planned to have another review ready for today but... life.

We started the remodel on my new bedroom last October and now I'm moving in, which is more complicated than it sounds because I was living scattered through the house (books in dining room, closet in laundry room, sleeping in my office, etc). So, I'm basically moving and spring-cleaning three rooms at once.

This is the view from the door. I still have to find a stand (of some sort) for my PS4 (under the TV), some rugs/runners, and a reading/TV chair. You can see Pippin laying on the edge of my new bed and Yoda stretched out on the floor.

This is the view from my bed. I have an old dresser and we're contemplating painting it to use under the TV.

Here's a corner shot (where Yoda was laying but she moved when I did). I just want to show off the view. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the corner spaces. My desks will probably fill these locations when we remodel my office.

And here's Patchy's favorite spot, the bed I made them in one of the drawers under the bed. Ms. Patchouli isn't doing too well, she had a cancerous skin tumor removed last year and we suspect it's returned so we're trying to get her healthy enough for surgery again (which is going well so keep your fingers crossed).

And here's my favorite spot, the bookcase behind the doors to the closet and hallway. I'm still working on filling/organizing the bookcase.

I'm not showing the rooms I'm moving out of - they look like disaster zones right now. I hope to make a large dent in the clean-up over the weekend so I can get back to reviews next week but, if I don't, it's because I'm swamped in the clean-up of the other rooms (I've let them go, anticipating having to relocate). Wish me luck.


Unknown said...

Awesome job Angie & (michael lol) Love your kitties....esp. Ms that name! :) Don't you just moving into a new, clean space and get to play around with where you want your stuff? and I know you're happy that all of your stuff is going to be in one place

Angie Lisle said...

Not really! I'd prefer to let other people do all this for me but I'm not rich enough! Haha!

Thank ya about her name - she's our little Patchouli Amber. Her weight is up so we're hoping she'll handle this next surgery better than the first one; she stopped eating after the first one and lost a lot of weight but we've found that she LOVES her vitamin supplement and will eat anything with it mixed in. She can only have it twice a day though, it has copper in it, but I was giving it to her by dropper and wondered why she never fought me on taking it until an accident spilled some and she went insane and tried to lap it up. Glad we figured it out - I like when she eats.