Thursday, May 5, 2016

RIP Precious Priscillius

Back in April of 2003, Precious holed up in an abandoned house to give birth to two kittens (Merry and Pippin). The building was caving in so we got them out. The vet guessed her to be between one and three years of age.

A gentle cat, Precious rarely used her claws to play and, as far as we know, never killed anything larger than a moth. She adjusted well to becoming an indoor kitty and loved to give head-butt kisses.

Precious got her name because she kept head-butting Gollum on the TV when we watched Lord of the Rings at home. She was definitely in touch with her inner hobbit when it came to food (a trait that she passed on to both of her sons).

In 2005, Precious gave us a pre-diabetic scare with high sugar and frequent bladder infections. She lost most of her teeth due to gum disease but removal of grains from her diet helped her sugar levels. The lack of teeth didn't slow her down, she was stealing dry food from the other cats before she was cleared for hard foods. She loved to eat, and liked to steal butter whenever she could. Once, protesting the lack of grains in her diet (which she never truly recovered from), she ninja'ed a bread-roll in a stunning display of acrobatics over mommy's plate of food; then, she hid in a corner, grumbling while she scarfed down as much as she could before the bread was taken from her. A few months earlier, we'd blamed the dog for annihilating a loaf of bread from the kitchen-counter but, after the roll incident, we began to suspect Precious and started to hide the bread in a cabinet.

In 2015, a cancerous skin tumor was removed from her stomach. Unfortunately, the cancer returned just a few months later and she stopped eating. After thirteen years and one month with us, Precious passed away on May 5, 2016.

You are missed, my Precious

Precious Priscillius 

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