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The Dream Coach

You can read The Dream Coach by Anne Parrish for free at A Celebration of Women WritersThe Dream Coach

 The Blurb

1925 Newbery Honor Award 
A Dream Coach travels around the world bringing dreams to children in four stories: The Seven White Dreams of the King's Daughter; Goran's Dream; A Bird Cage With Tassels of Purple and Pearls (Three Dreams of a Little Chinese Emperor); and "King" Philippe's Dream

My Review
The Dream Coach by Anne Parrish
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
My very large extended family read this book together when I was a kid; I'm a child of the 80s and my childhood response to this book was gag me with a silver spoon, which upset one of my older cousins because she adored this book. She was a very princessy sort of gal; I was that kid who liked to read in trees. I've always been a right proper heathen, even when I was little. 
My opinion hasn't changed much as an adult (ha).

I can overlook the strong Christian undertones. It's the purple prose that annoys me. It works in the poetry scattered through the stories but it's annoying within the stories themselves, giving the text a sing-song quality. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.

The first story, The Seven White Dreams of the King's Little Daughter, spends a lot of time talking about getting dressed and dreaming. The second and third stories, Goran's Dream and A Bird Cage with Tassels of Purple and Pearls, dishes out a bit of cool information about Norway and China. The fourth story, "King" Philippe's Dream, is a long-winded attempt to teach kids that nature serves humans. Blech.

Better collections of morality tales exist. Read them instead.

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