Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Week of Thanksgiving

I won't be posting reviews this week. It's Thanksgiving and I'm tired (coming off the med-trials has caused some 'rebound' effects and the loss of sunlight isn't playing well with my depression which is partly why I'm not talking about current events).

Add to it, we got potentially bad news about one of our cats yesterday. The Princess Nettie has been swelling and losing weight rapidly. The local vet couldn't figure out why so my amazing husband took Nettie to a vet in Columbus where we learned that she has lymphoma of the small intestine. We've started meds; the vet is optimistic about treatment, despite Nettie's age (24.5-human-years which is like 125-cat-years).

I'm immensely grateful that we just finished re-roofing the house and installing a new heating system but I plan on being lazy this week, eating a lot of yummy food with Nettie and enjoying the silence with a stack of books. There may or may not be video games involved. And I definitely foresee some wine in the near future.

I'm also planning to watch Saints and Strangers, which I DVRed when it first aired, as part of honoring Native American Heritage Month.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday week.

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