Friday, July 10, 2015

Another update

Here's an update on the meds situation. I'm now off the cloudy-head meds because they weren't helping. The doctor wants to try new meds but I need a break to catch up on life, as best I can catch up with what appears to be a sleep disorder.

I'm behind on everything and my sleep schedule is beyond screwed up. Sleeping when most businesses are open makes it difficult to catch up so I'm now trying to wrangle my sleep schedule into something relatively normally that leaves me with a few business hours so I can get stuff done. On top of that, my symptoms (hypnogogic hallucinations, sleep paralysis, vivid nightmares, lack of quality sleep resulting in migraines and uncontrolled anxiety and depression) are rebounding; I think it's my body/mind's way of saying, hey look at what all you missed....

Wish me luck because I need it.

But I hope to start posting reviews regularly again next week (crosses fingers).

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