Thursday, March 12, 2015

RIP Terry Pratchett

This breaks my heart: Terry Pratchett is dead (note - his website his currently down due to maintenance and upgrades).

Here are the news reports:
Sir Terry Pratchett, renowned fantasy author, dies aged 66

Terry Pratchett dead at 66; fantasy author wrote more than 70 books 
A Just Giving page donating to the Research Institute for the Care of Older People (RICE) has been set up in his memory:

I would like to extend my condolences to his family and friends and fans - may he rest in peace. He has touched many souls.

For two decades, I've had a new Terry Pratchett book to look forward to - and his books have seen me through some hard times. Like those pesky teenage years when I really needed a man to tell me that it was okay to be a strong and smart girl (thanks for Susan Sto Helit).

There was a brief period in my life - back in the years prior to 2004, before my excision surgery with Doctor Ken Sinervo in Atlanta, GA - when endometriosis and adhesions kicked my ass and I gave up reading. My life consisted of trying to keep down food and see to my bathroom needs unassisted. I couldn't see through the pain long enough to concentrate on movies or books (or anything that require more than a gnat's worth of attention to complete). Sir Pratchett was one of many authors who managed to release  several books (The Truth through The Wee Free Men) that I didn't immediately read.

A lot of folks talk about how painful excision surgery is - I don't doubt that it is but, for me, the surgery was less painful than the endo and adhesions. So. Four days after the surgery, I kicked the pain meds to the curb because the sick they gave me was worse than the pain. My mind, no longer burdened by pain or medications, whirled 90-mph but I was still on bedrest/recovery for six more weeks. What did I do to pass the time? Yeah, I reread the entire Discworld series and caught myself up (and also completed a couple thousand-piece puzzles). 

For two decades now, I've had a new Terry Pratchett book to anticipate and I suspect that adapting to this loss is going to be Twilight Zone-ish (this will really hit home the next time the universe throws me a curve ball and I have no new book to turn to during my struggle). Sir Pratchett always made me laugh. He made me think. He gave me strong female characters. He gave me books that have always been there when I need them. For that, I thank you Sir Terry Pratchett. You are gone, but you will not be forgotten.

  “This book was written using 100% recycled words.” - From Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett

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