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The Blurb

In 1691 the town of Crossfall taught the witch Thessaly how to die. They beat her, they shot her, they hung her - but nothing worked. When they finally tried to bury her alive Thessaly set the field against them. The first man died as a gust of wind harrowed the meat from his bones. A root,flung like a dirty javelin, cut a second man down. Many more deaths followed. The Preacher Fell impaled the witch upon her very own broom but she dragged him down into the field to wait for three more centuries.  
Three hundred years later Maddy Harker will murder her bullying husband Vic. She will bury him in the field as she buried her abusive father years before that. The very same field where the revenant spirit of Thessaly Cross lies waiting.  
In three days Vic will rise again - a thing of dirt, bone and hatred.

Men will call him the Tatterdemon.  
And hell - and Thessaly - will follow.

My Review 
Tatterdemon by Steve Vernon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars 
This book didn't scare the crap out of me. There are things in it that are scary but I'm somewhat numb to the graphic violence. I don't want to give spoilers but Maddy, and her backstory that slowly unfolds over the course of the book, oh my goddess - terrifying! I'm an infertile woman who plans to adopt and that story line feeds on a fear that I will get a little girl with a similar back ground. But, at the same time, that idea reaffirms why there's a need for infertile women like me - because there are kids like Maddy who need. I wound up with a melancholic hope rather than being afraid and this is 100% my bias. I point it out to illustrate Mr. Vernon's ability to pluck an emotional chord, which is something I've experienced with many of his other works.

Then, there's the humor. I did LMAO frequently. The belladonna twist - that still tickles me and I finished the book a couple days ago. The humor, and the manipulation of the scarecrow symbol, made me think about that movie Pumpkinhead. You know that scene when you can see Pumpkinhead's tennis shoes? This story has intentional tennis shoes popping out all over the place, especially for people familiar with witchcraft and hoodoo or the horror genre.

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