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Not Just Any Old Ghost Story...

Not Just Any Old Ghost Story... by Steve Vernon is available at Amazon.

I recently complained about the number of romantic stories that revolve around chicks and dudes hookin' up. Here, I'll quote myself, it will be easier that way:
Romance means more than just physical attraction. A ghost story about a dead child haunting her mother is romantic. Historical settings are romantic. Fantasy -also romantic- doesn't always revolve around sex. Falling in love doesn't have to be the selling point of a book...
Well, Not Just Any Old Ghost Story is a perfect example of what I was talking about (FYI: Clicking the previous link will take you to a sample of this story).

The Blurb 
Tommy has come home from the city to visit his Dad for one last time. He is determined to get to the bottom of all of the secrets that his Dad has kept for hidden behind a smokescreen of storytelling and charm.

It turns out that some secrets are best left untold.

NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY is a quiet little story about coming home and ghosts that you can never escape and a love that never dies. It is a story that will take you to the very heart of storytelling itself.

"If Harlan Ellison, Richard Matheson and Robert Bloch had a three-way sex romp in a hot tub and then a team of scientists came in and filtered out the water and mixed the leftover DNA into a test tube, the resulting genetic experiment would most likely grow up into Steve Vernon." - BOOKGASM

"Steve Vernon was born to write. He's the real deal and we are lucky to have him." - Richard Chizmar, CEMETERY DANCE

"This genre needs new blood and Steve Vernon is quite a transfusion." - Edward Lee, author of THE GOON and HEADER
My Review
Not Just Any Old Ghost Story...: Steve Vernon's Sea Tales Book 7 by Steve Vernon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Sea Ballad

A haunting tale about patterns and how they keep repeating themselves in spite of the adaptability of human nature.

Vernon's storytelling is a reminder that eastern Canada resides among the Appalachian Mountains. He's another link in the chain of old ballads first forged by our ancestors who drifted across the pond, long before these mountains were divided by the border between countries. Down here in West Virginia, we tell stories about men lost to the lure of the sea; it's easy to imagine that Vernon might be picking up on the tales those men left off here.

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