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That Ghoul Ava

Back in July, I read a box set called From Darkness Comes: The Horror Box Set (8 Books). See my review here. This has been a rough year for me - migraines and brain-fog and pain, oh my! My mind isn't retaining anything so I'm just now telling y'all about this new series I started reading after I finished this box-set.

I've been somewhat jaded by paranormal-romance lately, all this fake-love between fake-women and fake-men that I can't relate to because none of it's real. Romance means more than just physical attraction. A ghost story about a dead child haunting her mother is romantic. Historical settings are romantic. Fantasy -also romantic- doesn't always revolve around sex. Falling in love doesn't have to be the selling point of a book but it has taken over the paranormal genre and I'm burned out. That's why I've been reading more horror and science-fantasy, where I still get freaky-deaky supernatural creatures but the next boy/girl-friend isn't the driving point of the plot.

So, I stumbled on That Ghoul Ava by TW Brown in That Ghoul Ava and The Queen of the Zombies. Dark Comedy -British Comedy, even though it's not British but made in America- in a paranormal-romantic world- which probably explains why it made me giggle a lot (like every time I read the chapter titles, which are all pop-music references). A quick read meant to be fun. I loved it.

It's the first book in the series, but there are two short stories that come before this book. We'll get to those in a minute. 

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Ava Birch killed herself and woke up a ghoul with an attitude and a hunger for the dead. With no manual and very little help coming from the supernatural community, Ava offers her services to the regional psychic. Her newest job? Apparently zombies have been spotted in a small town nearby. Ava wades in thinking that this job will be a piece of cake...or at least as tasty. Navigating meddling vampires, bothersome witches, and a peculiar case of memory loss...and now her best friend and human companion has up and walked out. Things go from bad to worse when Ava discovers that there is a force behind these recent zombie sightings that may date back to the time of the Black Plague. Sometimes a ghoul would just rather stay in bed...or at least her sound proof basement where nobody can hear you scream.

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That Ghoul Ava & The Queen of the Zombies by T.W. Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this story in the collection 'From Darkness Comes,' which I bought because the collection features another author that I'm a fan of (Burke) and I thought the collection would introduce me to new authors that I'd like. So far, so good. I now want to obsessively track down TW Brown's other books because I love, love, love this story.

TW Brown may be a dude but he nailed (paranormal) chick-lit better than most chicks. He gave me a female character that I can identify with (even though I'm not a ghoul) and I hope to see several more stories about Ava in the future.

Like I said, this isn't the first story for That Ghoul Ava. Two short stories proceed the The Queen of the Zombies and they've been combined into a book of their own, That Ghoul Ava: Her First Adventures. So I backtracked and read them.

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That Ghoul Ava: Her First Adventures gives you TWO entertainingly funny Ava tales. Relive the day she first joined the supernatural community and discover how her bond with the human Lisa Jenkins first began. Also meet regional Psychic, Morgan and the vampire that would get under Ava's skin from their first encounter in a 24 hour super market. Then, In Ava versus the Rogue Vampire, follow Ava and Lisa on their first real "assignment" on behalf of Morgan when a rogue vampire slips into Vampire Queen Belinda's territory and starts killing indiscriminately. Just don't expect Ava and Belinda to share a hug when it is done...

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That Ghoul Ava: Her First Adventures by T.W. Brown
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was introduced to Ava through the second book, so this was a back-track-read for me. Love the character - Ava takes 'dumb blond' to a blacker level.

There are a couple typos but this male author does chick-lit better than most chicks.

And then, there's a third book, That Ghoul Ava Kicks Some Faerie A**.

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Ava Birch is a ghoul. Still wading through the world of Supernaturals, she is discovering that daytime soaps have nothing on the drama in her life. Lisa Jenkins, her best friend and human companion, is training to join an organization that tried to eradicate every ghoul on the planet. Morgan, her so-called adviser, continues to answer in as little detail as possible...and now the faeries are causing people to have orgies in the middle of a shopping mall. Welcome to the REAL WORLD of the Supernaturals where all that stuff you read is based on fact.

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That Ghoul Ava Kicks Some Faerie A** by T.W. Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quick and hilarious

This is one of those series that keeps getting better. This series makes me think of Terry Pratchett and Discworld except TBW's satire is for paranormal-romance instead of science-fantasy. I'm eager for the next book!

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There's a fourth book in the works but I'll bring you more information about that one when a publication date reaches me. And TW Brown has two other series, Zomblog and Dead. Both are on my to-read list, as soon as I'm caught up with my read-to-review pile.

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