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Infernal Ink Magazine (vol. 2 issue 1 for April 2013)

Infernal Ink Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by editor extremely dark and violent adult fiction and poetry."  Vol. 2 issue 1 is available at Amazon.

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The Blurb

Infernal Ink Magazine is a different sort of a literary magazine. We are focused on publishing extremely dark fiction and poetry, of all genres, but we favor pieces with erotic, sexual, or humorous aspects. This magazine contains adult content and themes and is not meant for readers under eighteen years of age.

In this issue we have an interview with editor and writer Terry D. Scheerer, column pieces from Andrea Dean van Scoyoc and Dave Lipscomb, the DaveL, with “The DaveL’s Music”, and strange true stories of the paranormal.

Also in this issue fiction and poetry from Vicy Cross, Adam Bolivar, Robert Leuthold, James L. Jones, Erin Goodenough, Derek Muk, W.C. Morrow, Shaun Avery, John Grey, Kevin L. Kennel, Rick McQuiston, Joseph DeRepentigny, and Vincent Daemon.

My Review

Infernal Ink Magazine by Hydra M. Star
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Infernal Ink features a medley of dark art for readers over 18-years of age. This magazine publishes stories and poetry that many writers are told not to write about - it's not friendly, it's too morbid, so it's not publishable. Infernal Ink Magazine is saying screw you to that mentality. None of the standard, predictable stories are published here. These stories are meant to mess with your head and they don't sacrifice quality to do so.

One of the poems in this issue resonates strongly with me because of my battles with endometriosis, thyroid, and infertility but, in all honesty, any woman who has dealt with a menstrual cycle can probably relate. The poem was written by Vicy Cross but I can't mention the title here because the title violates the rules regarding profanity.

As for the stories, my favorite was Walking the Dog by Rick McQuiston - I love everything that wasn't said.

I received a free copy of this magazine in exchange for review. This is the second issue of the magazine that I've read. As soon as I finished this issue, I purchased a third. Some of these stories are like driving by a car accident - you can't help but watch the gruesomeness unfold.

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