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Seduction: A Novel of Suspense

Seduction: A Novel of Suspense by M.J. Rose is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and BooksAMillion.

The Blurb
From the author of The Book of Lost Fragrances comes a hauntingly evocative and suspenseful novel about a grieving woman who discovers the long-lost letters of novelist Victor Hugo, awakening a mystery that spans centuries.

In 1843, novelist Victor Hugo's beloved nineteen-year-old daughter drowned. Ten years later, still unable to let go of his grief, Hugo began participating in hundreds of séances to reestablish contact with her. In the process, he claimed to have communed with the likes of Plato, Galileo, Shakespeare, Dante, Jesus--and even the Devil himself. Hugo's transcriptions of these conversations have all been published. Or so it is believed...

One set of conversations was hidden by Hugo himself and has remained hidden for more than 160 years.

Recovering from her own losses, mythologist Jac L'Etoile arrives on the Isle of Jersey--where Hugo conducted the séances--hoping to uncover a secret about the island's Celtic myths. But the man who invited her there, a troubled soul named Theo Gaspard, hopes she'll help him discover something quite different--Hugo's lost long conversations with someone called the Shadow of the Sepulcher.

From one of America's most gifted and imaginative storytellers, Seduction- Suspense Magazine's 2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR - is an intricately plotted and atmospheric novel with a spellbinding ghost story at its heart.

My Review
Seduction: A Novel of Suspense by M.J. Rose
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have mixed feelings about this book. I received a free copy from GoodReads First Reads in exchange for review. A couple friends have recommended M.J. Rose to me for awhile now but, when I requested this book, I wasn't aware that the story is a spin-off from a series. The book does stand on its own but I don't think I should have starting reading Ms. Rose's work with this book.

I was fascinated by the perfume-making, and wanted more of that storyline than was provided here. I may give the rest of the series a chance just so I can read more about that aspect of the main female character, Jac L'Etoile. It was cool and new, something that's not been done a million times.

Every page drips with Gothic Romanticism. Highly recommended for fans of the genre. I found it difficult to relate to the characters, especially Lucifer because I expect Lucifer to be more of a b'dass.

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