Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Carolina Wren

I had a nice visit from one of the frequent visitors to my bird feeders this morning, what I think is a Carolina Wren because of the distinctive white eyebrows and entirely gray beak. 

Pretty little bird popped into my kitchen and commenced with some loud thumping, making me double back to discover that I'd left the back door leading into the dog kennel wide-open, which I often do while prepping my morning coffee. Today has been one of those gorgeous drizzly days that I love so much - not too cold, no humidity, all the fall colors popping against the gray sky.

My dogs disagree with my sentiments about the weather, they don't like to go out into the wet. I've been sick the past few weeks, suffice it to say that I was still in zombie mode when the dogs and I retreated from the kitchen (me with the much-needed coffee in hand).

I found this guy sitting in one of the kitchen windows. I had no trouble walking over and picking him up. As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, the bird was a bit dazed when I carried him or her out.

After a few minutes, the bird pulled through and became more aware of its surroundings. This is the last shot I captured before the wren flew away. 

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