Monday, September 16, 2013


So, I went to see AFI at The House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. The only camera I had was on my phone (wish I had brought a different camera).

I heard from a lot of people up there that Cleveland has problems getting concerts because they can't seem to fill the shows. This is insanity. Concert goers, this is the city that houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Direct your concert-going to Cleveland. We need to change this trend.

AFI, 2013
Y'all know I adore Adam Carson, right? I heard he got hitched recently to Eirinie Hamil. Sigh. I wish them the best - I hope they want babies 'cause I'm kind of praying for them to have 'em - her complexion + his eyes = gorgeous baby (the curse of being an infertile woman is that I wish babies on everyone who can have them and, now that I've imagined the child, I want it to be real).

Jade and Adam, AFI


Davey, Jade, and Adam from AFI

Davey and Jade

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