Thursday, August 8, 2013

Late Spring and Early Summer 2013

A leaf from one of my eastern redbud trees.

This is one of the red dogwoods in the backyard, Cornus florida, but I'm not sure of it's variety.

And this nifty little plant on the right, the night blooming evening primrose, popped up in my back yard this season. I have no idea how it got here - it could be birds but these are growing near the well and I've churned up the soil around the well, prepping to put a walkway in, so these could have been dormant seeds that I've stirred up.

I've fallen head-over-heels in love with these flowers and want to learn more about cultivating them (leave comments if you have any experience with these, particularly in regards to seed collecting/storing/planting). 

And my stargazers, because they are lovely.

Lillian, my lilac, bloomed this year.

And remember my Fuji apple seedlings? Only two survived; they are now a year old.

See this poor little guy on the left? Yeah, that's one of the Fuji yearlings from last year.

The tree battled with a chipmunk who broke into my house a few weeks ago and I was worried this little tree wouldn't make it. I cut the tree back - I had to cut it back to the soil to remove the entire injury.

Fortunately, a new shoot popped up so, next year, my yearling is going to look like the four new seedlings that I've collected from Fuji apples this year (I eat a lot of Fuji apples). 

Oh, and the chipmunk who broke into my house? Captured and relocated to a park several miles away. Much to the annoyance of my cats and dogs.

This is the other yearling on the right. I cut the picture off at the top (accident . . . oops, sorry) but you can see that this tree on the left had a major growth spurt and is almost twenty-inches tall.

 This is the hollow tree standing on the hill across the creek behind the house.
I have no clue what kind of tree it used to be but there's something green growing up inside of it. I have no idea if a bird carried a seed in or if it's a new shoot from an old root system. I don't go up there very often.

There's a big field below this hill, with a road bordering one side. Animals sometimes get hit by vehicles on the road and mosey into the field to die. Sometimes, I get Turkey Vultures. The vultures are fond of this tree but they aren't happy about me trying to do a photo shoot around them. I hate scaring them off because they have a job to do, disposing of the rotting carcass so I don't have to. 

I love turkey vultures.

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