Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guess who will be at Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV?

Author S. Clayton Rhodes, with the release of his new book for tweens and young teens, The Wiz of the West!! 

The Blurb

THE WIZ OF THE WEST (An Alternate Take on the Wizard of Oz Theme). You know the story, you know the movie. But have you ever stopped to wonder what might have happened if that Kansas twister had brought Dorothy Gale not to Oz, but to the Old West?
Follow the adventures of Dotty and her friends the Scared Crow, Lionel and the tinhorn as they pit their wits against Hawknose Halley and her dog brigade and buzzards. Ole Hawknose is none too happy about someone dropping a house on her little sister, the Widder Schwartz, and she'll do anything to get her hands on her sis's ruby red ramblers, which Dotty now wears.
Ozwald P. Harroway, the Wiz of the West, may be Dotty's only hope to return home, but he's in Green Glen, a long ways from Castle Butte.
Along her dangerous quest, Dotty learns friendship is some pretty potent magic. She also finds there's no place like home, home on the range!

Based on the play by Michael McGill and
Inspired by the novels of L. Frank Baum

And here's what Woodland Press, an Independent West Virginia Book Publisher, posted on Facebook:

The Gallery will host a special book release party of the new title, The Wiz of the West, this Sat., July 6, from 2:00 p.m. to 5 p.m. The author of the new book, S. Clayton Rhodes, will appear at the store to greet the public and sign copies during the activity. Plan to attend.

The Gallery is located next to JC Penney at the Grand Central Mall, Vienna, WV—near Parkersburg, WV. For more information, call The Gallery at 304-428-4268.
And, because they are an Independent West Virginia Book Publisher, I strongly encourage you to buy a copy of the book (directly from them, by clicking here). It's also available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Booksamillion.
I have several books published by Woodland Press waiting on my To-Be-Read shelves. I actually purchased the books (gasp) and the books I purchase take second place to the books I'm asked to review. I received a copy of this book to review and yes, I admit, it got bumped up and displaced several books on my to-review list.

Why? Because I'm human. I'm biased. I heart authors who hold events in West Virginia (same holds true for musicians). I've read several Woodland Press books and love that I don't have to wade through bad editing. Because S. Clayton Rhodes is from right across the river in Marietta, Ohio and I try to support local art.

I planned to finish reading this book by today but there's been health issues, involving my allergy to the Agave family, particularly Yucca, which has been in bloom for a bloody five-weeks. Allergy meds mess with my sleep problems. I'm oversleeping which gives me headaches which make me slow as rush hour traffic. Feel free to say a prayer or cast a spell, whatever the hell you want to call it, for the Yucca to stop assaulting me.

So... I didn't make my goal. Review will follow shortly.

And I'm swamped in to-review books right now but, I promise, I will get around to reading all the books I have by Woodland Press. I might be saving them for October because the books will make excellent Halloween-reads. However, I may break and go out to read on the porch, late one summer night, with the woods out back lending to the atmosphere and making all sorts of strange noises easily imagined into scary monsters. Because I like to do those kinds of things.

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