Sunday, April 28, 2013

Lacey Reah's Enlightened Ones

Lacey Reah gave me a mention in the acknowledgement page of her new book, Enlightened Ones, which is available for purchase at Amazon and Smashword. I haven't had a chance to read the latest version, so no review (yet) but thank you Lacey! You certainly made my day better!

The Blurb
When Maggi turns eighteen and realizes that she has nothing to show for it, she looks for meaning by joining a church of people called “Enlightened Ones,” led by the enigmatic John Cronus. As she is pulled deeper into this organization, the stories of its people are unveiled, revealing how they all joined the church seeking their own form of fulfillment. The followers give up all their worldly possessions to start a commune on a distant island paradise. Will they find the utopia they seek, or will they be pulled into a menace that is even darker than the lives they left behind?

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