Thursday, February 28, 2013

Knost's Legends of the Mountain State 3

I snagged a copy of Legends of the Mountain State 3, edited by Michael Knost, as a late Yule gift to myself when I went to Charleston, West Virginia for a meet-and-greet with Michael Knost, Brian J. Hatcher, and F. Keith Davis.

Contributing authors include: Elizabeth Massie, Michael West, Scott Nicholson, John R. Little, Brian J. Hatcher, Kelli Dunlap, Matt Venne, Douglas F. Warrick, Steve Vernon, Fran Friel, Matthew Warner, Mark Justice, J.G. Faherty.

Since Woodland Press is an Independent West Virginia Book Publisher, I strongly encourage you to purchase the book straight from the publisher (but Legends of the Mountain State 3 is also available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon).

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My Review
Legends Of The Mountain State 3: More Ghostly Tales From The State Of West VirginiaLegends Of The Mountain State 3: More Ghostly Tales From The State Of West Virginia by Michael Knost
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A haunting collection of well-polished short stories about West Virginia. I enjoyed every story in this collection.

My favorite story is Brian J. Hatcher's A Banshee in Beckley and I admit that I'm biased because I grew up in the Beckley area. Then, this story kicked me hard in the ovaries - I suffer from a genetic reproductive disease and am infertile. This story plays with the idea of family and the last paragraph summed up emotions that I have to face on a daily basis. I cried for a long time after finishing this story because the idea embodied here is one that I have problems getting other people to understand. Now, I have a new story to share with everyone who doesn't understand my head and why this infertility is something I can't 'just get over.'

Wampus Cat by Scott Nicholson ran a close second for my favorite story because I enjoyed the character development.

My only critique of this series is that I can read one book in a single setting, if I don't make myself stop between the stories.

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