Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Brigid's Crosses

I found the instructions for making a Brigid's Cross at Eco Enchantments:The Home of Muddypond Green. I'd like to try my hand at this so I'm saving these instructions for future use. 

This site offers instructions for several nifty decorations that I'd like to craft. The Brigid's Cross instructions came from the Spells, Charms, and Enchantments page but there's also a page for Hedgerow Crafty Make Its and Hedgerow Cooking Make Its. I love crafty projects!

You will need 16 rush stems, cut in equal lengths. Wheat straws could be used instead. (Extra ones are usually needed in case of casualties!)

They were cut to about 30cms - 12 inches, and made a finished cross of about 16cms when trimmed.

 * Fold 15 rushes at their centre point and crease well.

* (Fig 1 - the white cross denotes the original stem). Take one strong stem, and holding it vertically, fold another stem across it at its centre, facing right.

* Holding the stems firmly together, turn them 90° to the left, so that the folded stem is now the vertical one.

* (Fig 3) Fold a new stem across the two which are now at the top. Hold tight and turn 90°to the left.

* Continue, pulling quite tight as you go and always turning to the left until all 16 stems are used.

* You should be able to let go and place the weaving on the table. Choose flexible strips of rush to bind round the ends of each arm.

* Slide the binding a little to make each arm of an equal length, and trim the ends with a diagonal cut.

Instructions and Photos are used with permission from Eco Enchantments.

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