Friday, September 14, 2012

Seeing Stars

Got some stars tattooed on my chest. I also had my sleeve touched up (but you can't see much of it in this photo). I have an appointment in November to start a tramp stamp (!!) but you'll have to wait until then to get more details about it.

After that, I'll probably start working on my right sleeve (which will have the same cloud motif as my left sleeve except the clouds will probably be done in a blue-purple(ish) color. I'm open to suggestions for the silhouettes that will mingle with the clouds. Remember, the themes: dusk and dawn).

Both of these tats were done by Scott Dennis at Lure Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Parkersburg, WV (Scott also did the fairies around my ankle). Lure has a facebook page too and you can see more of their work there.

This photo was taken after a bottle of wine, early Friday morning, while I was stretched out on my bed with my cats. See that stack of books on the right behind me? That's my to-read stack of some older publications. :-)

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