Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My ears feel naked.

I just had surgery on my ear/neck to remove a cyst that I first complained about when I was 14 (I don't want to get into the incompetence of WV's medical community - our only hope is in young doctors fresh from med school).

The spot aches, sort of like a throbbing toothache except it's in the wrong location (it's where my ear lobe meets up with my neck). The hospital wanted me to use pain medication but, aside from Advil, I haven't felt the need. I don't like that stuff and the pain isn't that bad - it's just constant and annoying.

I'm not allowed to wear jewelry in my right ear for at least two weeks (I'll find out more about this restriction at the post-op appointment). My ears feel naked. I'm planning to place an order at bodyartforms.com to celebrate the lifting of this restriction but I don't know what jewelry I want...yet (feel free to leave me recommendations/suggestions linking to specific items).  

Other restrictions:
  • no lifting anything over ten-pounds (my cat Pippin, who weighs in just over ten pounds, is annoyed by this).
  • no driving until I can turn my head easily in both directions (my neck, especially on the right side, is stiff and tender so I need to be chauffeured around town).
  • no exercise (I know, most people like hearing that from their doctor, but no exercise means no coping technique for my anxiety so my panic attacks are unchecked). 
  • I have to avoid saturating the stitches (I wash my hair using a detachable shower head and stand with my head titled to the side. I pull a shower cap down over my ear so I can wash off the rest of me in the shower because my 160-year old house doesn't have a bathtub...yet).

But the worst part is the anesthesia and the after-effects. I have a lot of problems with sleep and have to work very hard to maintain a schedule. I'm naturally a night-owl but the world isn't very conducive to us and sleep is a constant struggle for me. Since the surgery, I haven't been able to sleep at night. I also haven't slept more than four hours at a time. So I'm feeling a bit like a zombie and everyone will have to excuse any zaniness from me for the next couple of weeks.

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