Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christine E. Schulze

Christine E. Schulze sent me a digital copy of her book, Follow Me, to read and review. Follow Me is available for purchase at Smashwords and will be available at Barnes and Noble soon!

The Blurb:

Liam Edwin Severin is a brooding young wizard whose home has fallen prey to the Dark Circle, a group of dark wizards ever on the search for the chosen hero who can stop them and bring their wicked reign to an end. Having given up on any hope of a normal life, Liam succumbs to the Ring’s every whim and command, in hopes that he might at least spare his parents from the wrath bestowed upon all traitors and disobedient.

However, one evening, Liam finds an unexpected gift in his bed. A young girl whom the Circle captured, in hopes Liam will gain her trust, only to torture her into becoming their spy. Liam is used to this kind of work, but this girl is different. She is Esma, a friend and flame from his childhood. As a Story-traveler, it is Esma’s duty to travel inside books and other stories which outside worlds think only fairy-tales and help the characters. She has always longed to wing Liam away from his dark fate, but she will not force him—he must choose to follow. But he will not forsake his parents, leaving them for dead at the Dark Circle’s hands.

Can Esma use the last of her Story-traveler wishes to save both Liam and his family? And if not, how can Liam possibly keep serving the Circle to save her, knowing his service will prove her downfall in the end anyways? Though it seems impossible, he must find a way. Her love has made him human again, and he cannot bear the thought of losing her again.

* "Follow Me" was the 3rd place winner in the 2011 Bards and Sages Annual Writing Competition


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