Sunday, August 5, 2012

My heart hurts

I'd like to say more about the Sikhs who were shot in Wisconsin. If you want the news, you'll have to look elsewhere. I can't delve into it right now. My heart hurts too much.

I've been seeing too much hate lately, from getting blasted by pseudo-christians on facebook to cliche-christians rushing out to line the pockets of a fast food chain CEO promoting hate instead of doing real Christian acts that improve the quality of life for others. Tennessee, violating the First Amendment and attempting to brainwash kids with the Ten Commandments. And now this - innocent people being shot for worshiping the "wrong God," for being the "wrong color," for wearing the "wrong clothes." Ugh. It doesn't matter how you look at it; it is called hate and it is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

So I'm praying - I'm praying to my matron, the Goddess Kali, and I'm pouring Her generous libations of wine.

Om Kali Ma, I invite you into my heart. Please come and transform me and the world around me. You are the Sacred Mother, She who consumes the universe in order to give birth to it. Destroy this evil that divides us as a people so that we all might live in peace.

So mote it be, Mahakali!


Michael Wilson said...

What year is it again...

On the land where we are free to worship as we choose (or not) people are still being murdered in the name of a god!

My heart is just sad!

Angie Lisle said...


Angie Lisle said...

It makes for scary times, doesn't it?

Michael Wilson said...

Scary is a reserved word!