Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moser . . . and prunes?

George M. Moser mentioned my review on his blog: Reviews and other stories of Nine Lives.

He's a swell person! I really am looking forward to reading his next book, even though he says it won't smell like oatmeal! (It's one of those good comfy-homey smells for me).

And, for the record, I have food sensitivities/allergies to both brown sugar (maple) and nuts, so. Yeah, it's a bummer.

The original recipe for my oatmeal does call for a small amount of maple sugar, but I have to use cane (and it takes a smaller amount of cane than maple sugar so I think I'm okay with it).

On occasion,  I do add prunes to the dish. These, Sunsweet Naturals 100% Organic, are my favorites (I'm addicted to them - they are pretty much a staple in my fridge, which means that Sunsweet will probably discontinue them soon because that always seems to happen with my favorite foods).

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