Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Check out this article written by Ayla Ryan: Debunking Anti-Abortion Argument

Another anti-abortion argument that I would like to see debunked: "Think of all the infertile women who would love the opportunity to carry your baby."

I am an infertile woman. I am PRO-CHOICE.

What I'm not is an excuse for you to strip women of their rights. I'm not a reason for you to endanger women. Don't use me to further abuse rape victims.

I'm also not a justification for flooding a system that is already overflowing with children who are currently alive and in desperate need of homes.
I am one of the people who will be adopting one (or two or three) of those kids who are currently alive, needing homes, and I believe that life already living is more important than potential life!

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