Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Abby Slovin

Abby Slovin sent me an e-copy of her book, Letters in Cardboard Boxes. I've already started the story and I have a feeling it may make me cry at the end (no spoilers...yet).

The Blurb: 
Winner of the First Horizon Award for superior work by a debut writer, Letters In Cardboard Boxes tells the story of an eccentric grandmother and her granddaughter alongside a series of fantastical letters they once exchanged. Their letters once traversed the East River to help Parker escape the loneliness of a childhood without her globe-trekking parents and communicate during her turbulent teenage years. Now, nearly a decade later, Parker begins to rediscover this letter writing tradition, as well as the family’s untold stories and, unexpectedly, letters from her grandmother’s own youth that paint a very different portrait of the woman who raised her.

Letters carries us through the universally-shared experience of loss and the process of coping with life’s unexpected twists and turns. Through unusual and bold characters, the story moves through some of its heavier themes with honesty and humor.
Letters in Cardboard Boxes is available for purchase at Amazon. You can also buy the ebook version from the author's website:

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