Sunday, July 29, 2012

WineTree Vineyards

Did something out of the ordinary (for me) this weekend: I went to a wine tasting at WineTree Vineyards and was impressed enough to purchase a few bottles of wine. There's no charge for wine sampling (unless you're like me and are impressed enough to buy a few bottles). If you are in the Parkersburg area and are looking for something nifty to do, check out WineTree Vineyards.

The tasting included a brief history lesson of wine-making from the owner, Craig Bandy. I'm not going to try summing up the lesson; if you want to know what I learned about the real meaning of the word dry as used when describing wines, you'll have to stop in and ask for yourself.

I found out a bunch of interesting things about wine - like the fact that many wineries add ethanol to their product, which is probably why I don't like many wines (I often complain about the "liquor flavor" on wines). I may have also found a possible substitution (WineTree's Red Velvet) for many of the recipes I have collected but not tried because they call for port and it's nearly impossible to buy good port in WV. So now I can't wait to find time to get into the kitchen and cook!

I also found the perfect accompaniment for many of my dinner plans:
this Riesling is the perfect palette cleanser. I bought two bottles and have already tested one with dinner (it passed superbly). This will definitely be served at my next dinner party.


Unknown said...

I had a great time there, and learned a lot in the process! BTW our backsplash makes a great background for these pics!

Angie Lisle said...

Me too (I'm ready to go back)!