Thursday, July 26, 2012

Storm photos

Lately, the storms in the Parkersburg, WV area have been a bit fierce so today, when a nasty one rolled through, I went outside and took photos (until the rain came).

Here's a shot showing a corner of my house -a 160-year old Carpenter Goth (Timber Goth).

Here's how dark the sky was at 7 PM (sunset was 8:43 PM).

This is the western sky and more of my really old house.

It was dark enough to kick on the lights on the garage. They usually come on at dusk. See my bird feeder? We have a crazy ass squirrel that helps himself/herself to the food. If we go outside, the crazy ass squirrel runs up to the peak of the roof and jumps across to the holly trees. Tomorrow, I will have to go fix the feeder so the pigeons can eat.

There's a pretty good bit of space between the garage and hollies (I'm horrible with guessing distances, but I'd say there's about six-feet there).

This photo shows how fast the clouds were moving. In the lower left hand corner, you can see that my camera's auto-focus is turning some of the smaller clouds (whisps?) into streaks.

I just thought this was a cool shot.

Please remember, these photos are mine. Don't use them without my written permission.


alex-ness said...

awesome pics.

Unknown said...

These are great pics . . . just wish photos could capture the drama of the storm.

Very glad this didn't form up like the one on June 29th!

Angie Lisle said...

Thanks Alex! I thought the sky was wicked looking - somehow, it turned out pretty in the photos.

Angie Lisle said...

Mike, I am too! Thanks for liking the photos! I know what ya mean (see my response to Alex)!