Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Witch's Sermon

This blog comes about after a christian (please note the lack of capitalization) messaged me on facebook. Don’t worry, I didn’t respond to this person – I utilized the block feature instead. The person wasn’t even on my friends list, so. 

Basically, the message said that this person would pray for me to find my way back to the Lord. 

I wasn’t aware that I had lost my way. Nope, I totally see Father Sky in my mind’s eye, shining down from his throne of clouds, right next to his consort, Mother Earth, on her throne of dirt that is currently bedecked in leafy green. I feel His light upon my skin; I smell the grassy perfume that She wears. (Just so ya know, I’m sitting next to my open bedroom window and my neighbor is mowing his lawn). 

I want to take a minute to clarify something, for people who might be confused about why I would be offended about receiving their prayers. I sometimes don’t mind when a Christian prays for me. Example: Right before I go into surgery, a Christian friend says, “I will pray for you to have a speedy recovery.” 

Nope. That totally doesn’t bother me because it’s actually a prayer. Or, as me and some of my witchy friends call it, a spell. 

Actually, I appreciate the thought. Thank you. I accept prayers in all shapes and sizes. So long as they are actually prayers. 

Saying that you will pray for me to become something I don’t agree with . . . 

Well, that’s another matter. That’s an example of a prayer that I don’t like or want (or even need). 

You see, some of us witches (honestly, I can’t speak for all witches; I can only speak for some and only for those some who agree with this particular post and the issue raised within it. And, for that matter, I may be speaking for a few Christians too, who might also feel this way). Let me try that sentence again. 

Some of us believe that cursing others is wrong. What differentiates a curse from a spell? (A curse from a prayer)? The intent to make another individual do something (anything) against their own free will. 

This is what happens when a christian says, “I will pray for you to stop thinking the way that you do and pray for you to see things the way I do.” This, and similar statements, is usually accompanied by a very distinct refusal to see any other position. I translate this, and similar statements, as: “I’m taking away your free will and inserting mine.”

In other words, a curse. 

Regardless of whatever name you use when you pause to cast your energy out to Wakan Tanka (the Great Mystery) in the name of others, please remember to stop and consider how the person(s) that you are praying for might take that prayer. And if you don’t care about how they will perceive the prayer, why are you praying for them? Is this really a prayer about them? And then, maybe you’ll see exactly who it is that you should be praying for - you.

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