Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sir Terry Pratchett

The book marking the 2,000th-book in my personal library has arrived: an autographed copy of Terry Pratchett's new book, (Miss Felicity Beedle's) The World of Poo.  

The World of Poo was first mentioned (fictitiously) in Snuff (Discworld #39) -it's Commander Sam Vimes' son's favorite book- and now it has been turned into a reality.  

I enjoyed the illustrations (kudos Peter Dennis) and I love the real facts about poo that are worked into the story and footnotes. I think those facts made me laugh more than the bathroom humor (I'm also very glad that I'm not Pratchett's research assistant)!  

Thank you for signing my book, Sir Terry Pratchett. This book is going into the Restricted Stack* of my absolutely-not-open-to-the-general-public (i.e., personal) library.

I love you and I will miss you when you are gone. You are one of my heroes. I have spent a lot of time, in between release dates, waiting for the next Discworld book to come out; it will be very strange, living in a world where there is no next-book to anticipate!
*The Restricted Stack** of the library is off-limits to every one but the Proper Assistant+. Anyone who desires to see a book from the Restricted Stack must first seek approval from the Proper Assistant+ and, upon approval, the Looker must agree to wear the surgical gloves provided by the Proper Assistant+, and must remain within reach++ of designated Proper Assistant+ at all times. Failure to adhere to these rules will result in a loss of life and limb.***
+meaning me 

++this means that the Proper Assistant+ will be standing at arm's length, with arms crossed over the chest, glaring at the Looker in the best imitation of Granny Weatherwax that the Proper Assistant+ can muster. The Proper Assistant+ might even tap the toes of one foot on the hardwood floor, in an attempt to distract the unwanted Looker long enough for the restricted book to be retrieved and returned to it's proper place among the stack.**
**I don't have enough collectibles to have acquired stacks of important books; there's only the one stack . . . for now.
***I wouldn't want to risk splattering blood on my books so I'll probably resort to strangulation.
(cheeky grin)


Michael Wilson said...

Terry couldn't have said it better himself - nor could Granny . . .

Only T.P. would be able to write "The World of Poo" and be able to sell it! I credit Discworld (i.e. Terry for creating a spark in me for a bit of reading for entertainment) . . . not a small task might I say.

Nice book to add to you collection!

Angie Lisle said...

Aw, thank you!

It is a great book to add to the collection.

I'm glad T.P. (he should've used his initials on the book, haha) opened the door for you (and others) to reading - now I've just got to get ya into George R.R. Martin's series!

Michael Wilson said...

It will probably happen . . . I am getting pretty bored with T.V.!

Angie Lisle said...

You've said that for, like, ten years. I've already planned to listen to the audio books when we're on a car trip. :-)