Friday, July 29, 2011

Good reads

I haven't been around much; I've been dealing with some really nasty headaches so you'll have to forgive and excuse me.

Oh, and I should probably note that nasty headaches lower my barriers so...

Yeah. Anyway. I recently started a Good Reads account. I love books. Like you didn't know. Grin.

Which reminds me about Borders. Frown. That makes me sad. And mad. Where are book lovers like me supposed to go to meet other book lovers now? You had a freakin' selling point, right there. Why didn't you use it better? Mike and I met there, when he had work breaks, for coffee. Usually once a week. Stopping there was part of my weekly shopping errands. Today, while browsing, I tried to help an old woman find O. Henry's Gift of the Magi. I knew your store like I know my bedroom. Or the Library. 


Sure, I use amazon, from time to time (I link to it a lot, because it's the easiest way for me to get info about the book to others). But it's not my preferred book purchasing method. I can't feel the weight of the book in my hand. I can't smell the crisp scent of ink on paper. I can't look another person in the eyes and ask, "What did you think about oh so and so..." (And, for the record, most of that sentiment also expresses my opinions about eBooks).

I'm an introvert. I have lots of problems socializing. Borders gave me a way to do so. My love of books transcends my fear of people. Screw you, you greedy cooperate heads at Borders. Screw you. With a burning torch.

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