Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mellick: Satan Burger

Here's some more quotes. All I can say - the following author writes some really weird shit. But that's probably why I like his work. 

"The world is still new . . . it seems old to us, but only seems because our lives are so short . . . our human race has been around for such a brief amount of time that the universe hasn't had the chance to detect us yet. One blink is all it needs to miss our dance through actuality."

". . . homophobic. It's a phobia usually caused by one of three things:
1) Being raised to believe homosexuals are socially unacceptable.
2) Not coming in contact with any homosexuals during the adolescent period.
3) Being gay and afraid to accept it."

". . . hated God . . . actually, he just hated Christians . . . He never met God. Why should he care about somebody he never met?"

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