Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you like food?

Yeah, well...never thought I would be blogging about this but...I had the spinach pizza tonight and it totally surprised me by being great!

Have any of you tried Amy's frozen foods? You can visit their website here:

I have a hard time buying it here in good ol' WV but you should definitely check your freezer section for them. Why? One, it doesn't really taste like frozen food. Two, many of the dishes are vegetarian (ovo-lacto and vegan) friendly. Three, the foods are all organic.

I recommend the garden vegetable lasagna (or their vegetable lasagna - I haven't tried the others, because our stores totally suck), the cheese burritos, and the single serve spinach pizza.

Another reason why I like these foods - they are great for cooking for one or two people. For instance, Mike and I can make a salad and split a lasagna for a super easy (and delicious) dinner.