Saturday, November 21, 2009


I bet you thought this post would be about The Used, didn't ya? Hehe!

Sorry to disappoint you! Just showin' off some of my new art.

I've been playing around with ink (though the following image is technically mixed media). This one is entered in a contest, so wish me luck!

Angie Lisle

This next one is an older photo but it's a cute one. 

This is one of our cats, my little cuddle buddy, Pippon Pipperoni. 

[tangent: Pip thinks he's an X-man. Now, think about Ian McKellen, as Magneto, talking to Pyro (Aaron Stanford) in X2: X-Men United. Pip's "real" name?

The Great Pippon. Say it like Grey Poupon - and no, his
special gift doesn't involve mustard. It's extraordinary body heat, which Mommy uses in substitution of a heating pad. Weird - me? Yup. Deal with it.]

Angie Lisle 

Isn't he adorable? I know some people still have strange superstitions about black cats (and I'm supposed to be the weird one?) but he's an absolute dollbaby.