Sunday, October 18, 2009


'ello all. It's been a weekend of babies.

Mike's friend Chad had a baby on Friday.

My cousin, Brian, and his chicka, Sarah, had their baby! I totally stole this pic from Sarah.


And my sister, Cris, who is due to give birth to my little nephew, Ridge, sometime around Christmas, had her baby shower! I totally stole these photos from one of her oldest friends, Ashley.

Ashley is on the left; Cris is on the right.

My mother will probably kill me for posting this. She hates having her photo taken.

Cris and Mom

There was the big game yesterday between West Virginia University and Marshall University. Hmm, wonder who Dad wanted to win?

Dad and Ashley

I gotta tell you about Kristen, who is the little sister of Andrea, who is another one of Cris's oldest friends. There is also a strong chance that both Andrea and Kristen are distantly related to us (Cris and me).

Kristen, Ashley, Andrea

Kristen just gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Sophie.

Cris and Sophie

See, a weekend of babies.

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