Monday, August 31, 2009

me thinkums

This was almost titled "crap," but I got my copy of Artwork by The Used today negative titles. Ye gods, I love those guys.

I'm still not feeling well, but I haven't broken out in any weird rashes (thank the gods). I just feel like crap and my entire body hurts. Throat is still sore, my lymph nodes are swollen, my ears are kind of achy, head still hurts, and I start shaking when I get hot (which is when the headache gets bad). If this is Lupus, it really sucks.

It's been cold here (in the 60s) so the headache isn't too bad today. Me thinkums that the heat aggravates it (I had to work the me thinkums in so that the title made sense *shrug*).

I should have a couple of drawings to post this week (or maybe next). Last week, some of us were talking about my old drawings of demons and things; I'm trying to dig some out but many have been ruined in the past ten years, with all this moving about and such.

I was the weird kid - I didn't really fit in anywhere at school (or so I felt - as for what others thought...ah, well, I've never really cared about that sort of thing). Fortunately, I had an amazing art teacher in junior high that didn't freak out at my darker stuff. She knew I was reading a lot of demon/witch related material and that my drawing was just a way of trying to figure out what the books were saying and/or an attempt to explain how I felt about life; she defended me when a lot of people gave me hell. Everyone else took in the Marilyn Manson, black makeup, piercings, and thought, "Oh, she's disturbed." Well, maybe I am, but all that's another story in another time and place that no longer exists to me. If you're stumbling around in a dark place, you might as well dive forward with both hands out and look for a light switch. Knowledge is power and to thine own self be true. Yadda yadda.

Anyway, my point being, I used to draw demons and skeletons so much that it was something I had down. I could sketch one or two up in just a couple of minutes without really thinking about it. And the talk last week made me think, "Hmmm...can I still do it?"

So I whipped out my sketch book and started a skull in a cloak draped in darkness. It's almost finished. Then I thought, "This would work well with the white on black technique that I like so much." I'm getting ready to start that project tonight. Plus, I'm working on a couple Wizard of Oz (the movie, not the book) themed drawings. I'm still trying to get the hang of color though, so don't be surprised if you don't see anything for a while. There's a technique I'd like to try with stippling, but I gotta get some ink. And, as always, I have several drawings of The Used in various stages of progress, but those are my I'm-too-tired-to-be-productive-and-if-I-screw-up-no-one-will-notice-or-care (except for maybe Mike, who probably asks himself, "What the hell is she doing now?" a hundred times a day) drawings.

Oh, yeah, and I'm reading books (just finished Eloise McGraw's The Moorchild - which was very good) from my reading list (mostly the Newbery Medal list) and writing poetry about gods and goddesses and pagan stuff. I should announce that one poem, Menorrhagia, will be up on the PaganPages site in the next couple of days. But I'll post more when I have a link for it.

And I'm still working on some tattoos but those are staying quiet until I know what I'm doing with them.


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