Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Got some new artwork available as prints. Drop by my portfolio and leave me some comments - if you don't have an account, please sign your name in the comment so I know who I'm talking to. Otherwise, you'll just be listed as anonymous!

The Many Shapes of Love is now available as prints, for all you non-homophobic folks!

Also added a very personal piece of art. I don't discuss my family much -or get to do much with them via art- because of stalker boy and trying to keep the people I care about as low profile as I can. But I adore this one and had to share - Sitting with Grandpa.

This started out as a photograph of my dad (who hardly ever lets anyone take his photo) and one of his grandchildren. I had the flash off on my camera and was taking photos discreetly, due to a shy little girl, and was horribly dismayed when I came home and saw that this photo didn't turn out. So I started playing with it in photoshop and, viola! I am now totally in love with this image!
I also posted another favorite piece of my art (though I may be biased, as it is my art) -Darkness.

I wanted to try this technique (white on black paper). So I was flipping through a couple of modeling books (for artists), looking for an image. After a few pages, all the people start to look the same, but then, I stumbled on this photo of a gorgeous black man (whose name I do not know). The first thing that caught my attention was his ear. It really did seem to pop out at me, like it does in this drawing.

I thought of a couple things while working on this.
First, I thought of a certain myspace friend, Tarringo T. Vaughan, who has a blog called Diary of a Gay, Black Man. The strength visible in the model's back is, in a way, a visual metaphor for the strength I see shining through Tarringo's writing. Love you Tarringo - keep on writing those awesome poems!

Second, I just finished Laurell K. Hamilton's Swallowing Darkness. Doyle (aka The Queen's Darkness) is one of my favorite characters and I thought of him briefly, while working on this (those who have finished the book may think of a certain title he temporarily held but I don't want to give away any spoilers so...read the series).