Sunday, May 31, 2009

When it rains, it pours...

It's been one of those weeks - nothing seems to be going right. Where do I even begin?

Let's get the stupid, piddly shit out of the way. It's been raining/storming here for two-almost three- days straight. I hate storms - I'm terrified of tornadoes and we're in an area that gets them occasionally. We had really bad lightning and hail last night. It's eased up today (just soggy clouds and drizzle) but last night would've been awful if I hadn't been so PMSy that I literally fell into bed and was out like a light. I don't have to deal with endo pain anymore, but I still have a lot of cramping and migraines before my periods. Some months, it's not so bad. This month, it's kicking my ass. I know, some of you men-folk may not want to hear about all that but I have to talk about it in support of my fellow Endo Sisters who haven't been as lucky as me in getting permanent relief. So get over it.

Some of you may remember our cat, Gary (Allan - yes, he was named after the country singer). He's the escape artist who gave us hell with getting out of the house and refusing to come back inside. A while back, we bought a humane trap to catch him and it worked, wonderfully. Too wonderfully, maybe. He escaped from this new house and we could not lure him back - no amount of treats would attract him.

He started going to our neighbor's house for food (she has cats too) and they tried to catch him. When they tried, he stopped letting them get near him. Then, some jackass comes speeding down our road and hit him. The jerk didn't even stop to see if it was okay, even though there were people there trying to get to him. He died immediately. So forgive me if I'm a little crass, bitter, or overly sad for the next few weeks. If I burst out in tears, just hand me a tissue and move on.

RIP Gary Allan

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