Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dean tagged me

Dean tagged me so here goes.
*The body of the blog shall consist of ten random facts, habits, goals, etc, about you, the Tagged. No under- or over-achieving.
*Once you are finished, you transition from the Tagged to the Tagger. You are to then list ten people to tag (you can even write why these victims are selected, if you so desire).
*Leave these ten people a comment, advising them of their status as the Tagged, and what to do now that this event has befallen them.
*No tag-backs. We all should have learned that in early childhood.
*Advise the Tagger upon completion, that they may glean some knowledge about you, the Tagged, and thus complete the vicious circle.

1. I'm prone to going off on tangents. See below.

2. I struggle with odd ocds. See below.

3. I've been drawing since I was four. My dad used to work in NC (we lived in WV) so he was gone through the week. I think he used to eat a lot of cereal too, the fruity pebbles sort, because one week, he brought me back a fred flintstone stamp (it was a cereal prize). Now, we had this weird ritual - during the week, when he was gone, I would color/draw him a picture and on Sunday, before he left for the week, we would take down an old drawing and hang the new one in his chevy (the entire interior was covered with my art). I decided to do a prehistoric themed drawing, but all the details were 1,000 times larger than the fred stamp and it annoyed the piss out of me - most people wouldn't identify me as someone with ocds because I'm a very messy person, but when it comes to my creations, I get very obsessive and lost in the work until it's exactly how I want it (I think most artists are like that). So I decided to draw fred, as opposed to using the stamp. First, I traced over the stamp a couple of times, then I started freehand. And it turned out that my drawing looked just as good as the stamp. My dad was so proud that he didn't hang it in his truck - and he still has the drawing.

4. I've always been creative, which generally links me with weird (especially when not with other creative souls). But I'm cool with being the odd one out. *shrug*

5. Most kids go goth in their teens/high school. I had my goth phase when I was eleven. I wanted to grow up and be Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, or Sylvia Plath - never could make my mind up about that one (though, now I think I might want to grow up to be Paul Laurence Dunbar or Oscar Wilde or Terry Pratchett or...).

6. My favorite person of all time to sketch/draw is Jeph Howard from The Used. Not only is he absolutely adorable, but I love the lines on him. He's the one on the far right.

7. My least favorite person to sketch is Quinn Allman from The Used. He's the one on the far left. I have never completed a good drawing of him. He's a beautiful man, but his lines aren't so good (or maybe I'm being too anal retentive).

8. I can't paint, at all. I've only ever, maybe three sort-of-okay paintings. Now, I'm pretty decent if you want to change your wall color, but keep me away from canvas. I much prefer graphite or charcoal.

9. I'm addicted to caffeine. Totally. Like, my blood is probably 99.9% coffee. Or tea. Or Dr. Pepper. 
10. I watched a show about weed tonight. And something caught my attention - the narrator (Lisa Ling) commented that the weed market was a global phenomenon. Like, no one else in the entire history of the world can agree on a single damn thing but potheads from all nations can unite in a single cause. Shouldn't that be an example of one of weed's many benefits? Oh, and while we're talking about weed, it really peeves me that they throw someone in jail for ten years for smoking a joint - and mind you, that someone didn't do a damn thing to hurt anyone else - but child molester's often get out of jail after three months. Something ain't right with that logic.

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