Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alex tagged me again...

Alex tagged me again, so here goes. 


*The body of the blog shall consist of ten random facts, habits, goals, etc, about you, the Tagged. No under- or over-achieving.

*Once you are finished, you transition from the Tagged to the Tagger. You are to then list ten people to tag (you can even write why these victims are selected, if you so desire).

*Leave these ten people a comment, advising them of their status as the Tagged, and what to do now that this event has befallen them.

*No tag-backs. We all should have learned that in early childhood.

*Advise the Tagger upon completion, that they may glean some knowledge about you, the Tagged, and thus complete the vicious circle.

Most people think I'm weird. And if you don't, that probably means you're one of "the weird ones" too.

2) I love to read and often have several books going at once, in order to cater to my mood(s).  This morning, I may have wanted to read a fantasy, but tonight, I may want something scientific. The result is that I often have between three and ten books that I'm reading at any one time.

3) A lot of people give me strange looks for my reading practices. Some of them don't believe me. Right now, stacked beside my bed are 16 books: 7 of them research-related, 3 are poetry-related, 3 are drawing-related (I'm attempting to sketch images in them), 2 of them are finished and waiting to be shelved, and 2 of them are finished and need to go back to the library.

4) They often ask questions, like "How do you afford it?"

I've already given you that answer. The library. My preferred place of worship (right up there with a concert by The Used). If I really like something, then I buy it for my personal library.

5) The next question is, "How do you keep them all straight?"

That answer is relatively simple.
I never read two or more books from the same genre at the same time. I don't use fiction/nonfiction. Frankly, those aren't narrow enough to be the categories I use. I break them down to Horror, Romance, Poetry, Bio, Science, Spiritual, etc. And I read only one book from each genre. When I finish it, I can pick another book in that genre to read.

6) Spiritual reads are often "prolonged reads." I read them over a very long stretch of time. I may read a page a day, or a chapter, then set it aside for several weeks and often have to reread a few pages to get back into it. 

7) I read every day and have since I was very young. Most of the time, I read upon waking (mostly nonfiction/writing or research related texts) to help me get into the writing mindset and before going to bed (mostly fiction, which may contribute to some of my weird dreams).

8) Yes. I am a nerd. I admit it.

9) I keep writing lists of books I want to read (divided into genres). And many of them are over 100+ long. I add and subtract from them constantly.

A few of my lists are on wikipedia:
Pulitizer Prize or Newbery Medal or Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction

10) I actually do maintain a list of books recommended to me by friends. So feel free to leave me recommendations any time.

I tag everyone. Yes, I'm lazy.

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