Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pratchett: Making Money

As always, Terry Pratchett didn't fail to amuse me with Making Money. Moist is definitely one of my favorite characters! So here's some quotes (though I know I missed several good ones - I was too lazy to get up and find a pen)! And don't forget to hop over to Donate for Pratchett to find out how you can help Alzheimer research (or just click that link)!
"...people paid attention to small sounds - the click of a window catch, the clink of a lock pick - more than they did to big sounds...

Those were loud sounds, which were, therefore, public sounds, which, in turn, meant they were everyone's problem and, therefore, not mine."
"And the gods, once they've got a man against the ropes, can't resist one more thunderbolt."
"There is a time in a thoughtless young man's life when his six-pack becomes a keg..."
Moist Von Lipwig's thoughts: "I I really a bastard or am I just really good at thinking like one?"

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